Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Newbies in my shop!

So in between working on some of custom orders, bedrest, and taking care of my kiddos, I have made a few new pieces that I have listed in my etsy shop! Just wanted to share with you my new pieces inspired by SPRING! I am soooo looking forward to Spring...this cold weather is just BLAH! ENJOY!

Blooms is Baby Blue just 13.00!

Spring Peony in Pink 23.50

Spring Peony in White 23.50

I hope you enjoy! You can find these and many more of my creations at FemmePetal! Happy Shopping!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meeee Time!!!!

I want to share some amazing, botanically based, all natural products with you! I have been using my time on bedrest to take care of me and little Max! I love pampering myself and Love bath and body products!! I am a rep for Pink Papaya and let me just share with you the fabulous-ness that I just expeirenced with some of my products!!! Today, I used the following:

Facial Scrub with Grapeseed Extract-I love this scrub, it really exfoliates the face and washes away all the grime that gets built up on your skin. $18.50

Aromatherapy body smoothing scrub in Lavender Sweet Orange-Love, Love, Love this product! It is packed with papaya extract which is sooo good for your skin. You apply to wet skin in the shower and there is pumice that exfoliates. It is very moisturizing! $16.50

For moisturizing, I used the following products:

This has got to be one of my ALL time favorite products! Shea Butter Hand Cream-packed with shea butter for supreme moisture! I used this on my belly to keep it extra moisturized! I also use this every night on my hands to keep them looking young!!! :) $25.00

For my face, I like a moisturizer with an SPF in it, I want to keep my face looking as young as possible for as long as I can!!! This is the Facial Defense Triple Protection with SPF 15 I highly recommend this product for all skin types! $41.00

For my body I used our Body Creme in Papaya Princess. I LOVE this scent! It is hard to describe, when you first put it on it is kind of citrus-y, then once it settles it is a tropical smell. I love it! $16.50

Please be sure and check out my website for ordering information and more product info! We also have a whole line of AMAZING Mineral cosmetics that are PARABEN FREE!! You can also ask me any questions you might have! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Pamper yourself today! You deserve it!


So I just got an email from the owner of Bon Bon Rose Girls blog telling me that they have featured my shop on their blog!!!! This is so exciting!!!! I love their blog and couldnt have been happier with the write up they gave me!!! Please take a look at the fabulous job Kristen did!!! Click HERE to read

And make sure and check out all the other posts because if you love fashion you will LOVE this blog!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

And the winner is.........

I have closed my giveaway and the winner is.....Betsy from Java Cupcake!!!! Congrats to you!!!! If you have not seen her blog, I highly reccommend checking it out!!! AND She has a giveaway going on right now!!! If you love all things sweet then go an enter, the prizes are amazing!!! THank you to everyone who entered, I love my followers!!!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Etsy Team Unique Women In Business

Etsy team Unique Women In Business is proud to host its FIRST ever FREE shipping event!!! This is so exciting! There are tons of wonderful shops participating including moi! You can check out my etsy shop and see which items I have marked with free shipping and you can also do a search on ETSY using uwibteamfs to see all of the items!
Now go on and SHOP TIL YA DROP!!!! Have fun!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Custom Orders

I just LOVE making custom jewelry for my customers. In fact I currently have 5 bridal orders I am working on all for 5 or more necklaces, earrings, and bracelets! I am going to be very busy the next couple of weeks to make sure that all orders get completed and shipped before I deliver!! I want to share with you some photos of some of my custom work, and some fan photos I have gotten. ENJOY!

THis is one I am currently working on, 5 necklaces with 5 matching simple drop pearl earrings.

A picture sent to me from the bride. The necklaces looked amazing!

Custome design for the bride. Necklace and earrings to match

This wasnt for a wedding but for a birthday and the necklace looks so cute on her!!

I love when customers send me pictures!

If you are looking for wedding jewelry please contact me here or visit my etsy shop!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Where do you find inspiration? I am a total fashionista and I can find inspiration just about everywhere I turn! There is nothing like getting a new INStyle, Glamour, or Lucky mag in the mail either though! BUT My number 1 inspire-er (did I make that up) has to be Carrie Bradshaw and all the other sex and the city gals! The fashion on set is to DIE for! I have the boxed set and seriously have watched it over, over, over again! I cant wait for the new movie to come out! So I leave you with some of my fabulous creations from my ETSY shop FemmePetal!

CoCo by Erin Keys

The Carrie Necklace by Erin Keys-yes, named after Carrie Bradshaw of course!

Bronzed by Erin Keys

Friday, January 8, 2010

Help me pick my Birth Announcements!!!

With my due date being only 5 1/2 weeks away....I need to pick some birth announcements and I want your help! I have several that I really like and I just cant decide which to go with. SO.....the style that gets the most votes will be the one I go with! All thanks to my wonderful followers! Here are the ones in the running:

Pick number 1 by Thirty One Designs on ETSY

Pick 2 also by Thiry One Designs on ETSY

Pick number 3 by Ink Obsessions on ETSY

Just leave me a comment with your pick number! I cant wait to see which is most popular. I really love all 3 and just cant decide! I am ending with a picture of Baby Maxwell!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Giveaway Celebration!!!!

In celebration of my brand new blog and the 37 followers I have accumulated in JUST 5 days......I am giving away a Carrie Necklace from my etsy shop FemmePetal!!!
Now....the winner will get to pick ANY of the Carrie Necklaces that I have available. All you have to do to enter is~
~Go to my shop take a look around
~Come back here to my blog and tell me your favorite thing in my shop!
~I would also love to hear your favorite Sex and The City quote!!!
So good luck here is my favorite Carrie Quote~ "The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.” Carrie Bradshaw
I will draw a winner 2 weeks from today using

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Big Ol Belly

There really is nothing greater than seeing a little foot or hand move across the belly. Just knowing what is in there is amazing! I am now 33 weeks and coming to the end of my 3rd pergnancy.
This pregnancy has not been good, all due to the fact that my husband left for another girl when I was in my 4th month. No need to go into details. I am just blessed that Maxwell is a strong baby and has stayed in there!!! I am now in the home stretch and eagerly awaiting his arrival! Everyday he is more and more active and doing different things. He had the hiccups for the first time and Hannah and Doc got a kick out watching their brother with the hiccups.
I went on a shopping spree at Babies R Us and got the rest of what I needed for him! I love that store and could spend hours in there!!!
Just wanted to let my followers know a little about "ME" and my bump! Picture was taken at 30 weeks so I am a little bigger now, but not too much. :)
Stay tuned for more on baby maxwell!!!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I want!!!!

Have I mentioned yet how OBSESSED with ETSY I am? I am truly an etsy-addict. I have bought many, many things and have not been disapointed. So not only do I sell on etsy, I BUY on etsy! I am going to share with you some of my favorite things that I just may have to have in the near future!!! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I am a girlie girl, remember.......

Simply Gorgeous!!! Loves Whisper Fine Art 8 X 10 photography.....I LOVE this! By Amelia Kay

The Dainty Mandizzle.....I have ordered from Mandizzle and Love what I got...this bow is just so feminine and cute!

Oooh la la! This bag is gorgeous.....wondering if I can fit some diapers and wipes in there.....hmmmm. :) I must have this bag! Chiffon Flower Handbag by MojoSpa Style

Can I just say that Clair La Faye has it going on??? She does! She made me a custom silk tank and it fit me to a T! I love it and now I have my eye on this! Coco Pear Fancy tank by Claire La Faye

Love this fun little wristlet by Lm Creations!!! Eco Wristlet-Lace Pretties. So Fun and fabulous!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my obsessions......

Business as usual

So I am a no-change person....meaning I dont like change. I love the colors of my shop logo and I love the damask. After ordering the same business cards for about 7 months now, I decided to order from a different shop on etsy and change the cards up.....just a little.

So here is my proof, and of course...I APPROVE! I think they look just FABULOUS, which is totally what I am going for.

If you are looking for business cards, tags, digital collage, or more I suggest you check out Luv Design on ETSY.

Tell me what you think of my cards, and do you think they match my "look"?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pop The Champagne

Its a new year, and I am soooo ready for a better year than the last! honor of the New Year and a New Start, I am starting a blog that is all about me!!!! Well okay....not JUST me, but I will be promoting my ETSY shop FemmePetal , rambling about my beautiful children, keeping you up to date on my last 6 weeks of pregnancy, and talking about all the fabulous things that I love!
I do hope I keep you all entertained, and be sure to spread the word about my blog!!! Tell everyone, follow me!!!!!