Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love my customers!

I just wanted to share some pictures I got from one of my awesome customers! Nothing makes me happier then to get pictures of women wearing my jewelry! The colors I did were custom colors of green with silver pearls. They look stunning with these dresses! You girls are gorgeous!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Etsy Shop Feature ~ b. childrens wear

Oooooh I love this etsy shop! Love love love it! Im happy to share an interview with the owner of b. childrens wear! If you have a little one please do check out her amazing items! Of course I am partial to the boys but I kinda want to buy this ruffle hoodie and put it on max just because its so darn cute!  Enjoy!
~ What is the name of your Etsy shop and how did it come about?

I went to The Art Institute and studied fashion design. Part of our portfolio project included creating a brand and a line of clothes. I sketched out my logo and really liked it. The idea was that each line (or item) would have a different adjective to describe it. So, it would read b. (as in to be) __________. I could not register the letter b. as my primary business name, so I needed something after it. So, in comes "children's wear and accessories". I figure its nice to give people a little clue about what I sell. :) My last name is Barnes and I felt like having the b. was a part of me. I later discovered a fun fact, all those who had married into my family since my great grandparents have come from a B maiden name to Barnes. So that made it extra fun
red and aqua ruffled hoodie Seen in PARENTING mag $34.00

~Tell me about yourself, anything!
I have a serious love for mail. And when I say love, I mean LOVE. The whole idea that you can stick a stamp on something, with an address and in a matter of time it will arrive in someone's mail box is nothing short of magic for me. It was a love that started when I was little and would receive things in the mail from a friend or distant relative. I would hold the letter in my hand and study the stamp, read and re-read the contents inside. It made me feel so special to have something waiting for me with my name on it. That feeling has always stuck with me. Letter writing and package sending is something I try to keep as a regular part of my routine. Sometimes I am better at it than others. I am at the point now, in my business, where I should really have a postal scale. But, I love my daily outings to the post office. It is the highlight of my day. You might ask why I don't go get a job with the post office. To that I answer, I am saving it for my retirement. It is something for me to look forward to. :)

~What are your hobbies?
I love to travel any chance that I get. I have been so blessed to be able to see different places in the world and to learn about other cultures. It is such a great reminder of just how blessed that I am.
I love being with my friends and family, playing games, going to concerts and just enjoying experiencing life with those I love.

~What do you sell on etsy and how long have you been making it?
I make unique, simple and fun clothing for kids. Most of the items in my shop consist of t-shirts, hoodies and cardigans. I started making them for baby gifts, leisurely, and would sell them to friends. My friends and family encouraged me to sell them. So in 2009 I put some of my shirts up on etsy. It took a bit to get going, but it has been a wonderful adventure!
~Find B. childrenswear here

mustache onesie $21.00

~What goals do you have for yourself in the future 
 Well, since I just told you that I would work on blogging, I guess I should put that as goal number one. Darn accountability. Besides that, I hope to continue to grow into the woman, artist, business woman, auntie and friend that God wants me to be. Taking it day by day. Picking myself up as I trip and fall and learning from my mistakes

~What inspires you?
Everything! I am constantly gleaning from my two awesome niece's and 6 crazy nephews. Reading children's books, design magazines, travel, blogs, music, friends and family. Inspiration comes from different places for me. I wish there was a well that I could go to and always draw from, that would be nice and easy. But, alas, thats not the case. I take it when it comes from where it comes
15% off with the coupon code FEMMEPETAL until the end of the month
striped anchor pullover CLEARANCE $20.00

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Well I have had a SUPER busy weekend! I worked 60 hours last week (whew) so Friday night was very chill, movies and popcorn. The kids watched Rango, and the adults watched Limitless (very good movie by the way, I may try to create those clear little pills. I could sure use them!) Saturday my son had a football game and I didnt do much after but clean and make jewelry. Saturday night, started with beer and appetizers at The Oaken Barrell then we met a couple of my friends at That place in Greenwood. (um I hate that damn bar, but we had fun) Sunday me and the kids spent most of the day at Chucke Cheese, yes I said Chucke Cheese.......I needed a xanax after that. I know why my kids have only been there 1 time EVER. I didnt volunteer to take them, we had a birthday party for my best friends daughter. They had fun,, so whatev. Came home and cleaned my butt off, got every last piece of laundry done, cleaned out my garage (its ALMOST ready to have a car in it!!!!!! YAY) and I got 3 bridal party orders made and several single orders. I am on a roll! So with that being said I am off to bed because again this week I am working 60 hours! Someone SHOOT ME!!! But I will be back tomorrow with my Etsy shop of the week feature, and let me tell you how excited I am about this one.. Hint- its a super cute childrens shop, and I mean her clothing is ADORBS!!!!!!! I have several things of hers in my "cart" for my stud maxwell. Sorry for the boring non picture post! I am not MIA, I swear, just working my BUTT off and being mommy! :)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spot Light Saturday ~ Etsy Shop Dolce Dreams

I am super excited about this spot light Saturday! I absolutely love everything about DolceDreams etsy shop, from the beautiful colors of silk fabric that wraps her lavender eye pillows, to the gorgeous vintage fabrics used in her amazing baby quilts and loveys. I could seriously buy everything! Seriously! I will be purchasing myself one of those gorgeous eye pillows very soon! Please enjoy this interview and be sure and check out her awesome etsy shop! You will be in heaven!
Lavender and Flaxseed Eye Pillow with Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams

~What is the name of your etsy shop and how did it come about?

I love Italy, and the language ~ "Dolce" means sweet in Italian...who doesn't wish for sweet dreams for their little angels?! My lavender sachets and eye pillows also have the same effect for adults. I cannot sleep without my eye pillow!
~Tell me about yourself...anything!

I love Europe, fine cuisine, wine, art, fashion, babies, and am learning to like football now that my boys are playing it!

Heirloom Baby Quilt with Custom Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams $135.00 

~What do you sell on etsy and how long have you been making it?

I always have enjoyed creating, and using my hands. I love color, and was a makeup artist in the fashion world. I sew, draw, craft, and sculpt in alabaster. With the birth of my sons, I left my high profile LA/Hollywood maitre'd job to raise them. I started sewing voraciously, making them unique high quality heirlooms that I couldn't find in stores. As I received compliments, I started making things as gifts, and then started getting orders...In 2007 I opened my shop on Etsy, and have been building my business ever since!

~What are your hobbies?

After hand making everything myself, and doing all of the Social Networking that comes with an online business, my main hobby is my family. I am teaching my boys how to sculpt right now, a real lesson in patience!

~Find Dolce Dreams Here
~DOlce Dreams Website
~Martha Stewart

Baby Girl Lovey with Custom Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams $26.00 

~What goals do you have for yourself in the future?

I am very close to my goal of 500 slaes on Etsy, half of which were made this year!

~What inspires your creations?
The touch and feel of high quality fabrics inspire me so much ~ I have a room filled with them, and not enough hours in the day to make all of the creations that fly into my head!

Thanks so much Nathalie! Good luck!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Amazing Wedding Ideas

I am obsessed with the beauty of weddings, although I personally will NEVER get married again (no way will my mind ever be changed) I love finding amazing ideas that you dont see at your everyday weddings. With 90% of my customers being brides and bridal parties, I would love to share with you some really cool "different" ideas! Enjoy!

bride bought her three bridesmaids matching t-strap ivory shoes and wrote heartfelt personal messages on the bottom of them: sweet!
something blue--wedding date stitched into the wedding gown. SUCH A GOOD IDEA
all the most important people in your life help walk you down the aisle. And written in BLUE ink! Adorbs!
I am obsessed with these ruffle cakes!
Source: via Erin on Pinterest
Vera Wang Bridal- Hands down the most amazing bridal wear on the planet!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Etsy Love

It is time for my very first etsy shop interview! What makes this one so special besides it being my first? Well she is from Indiana, and even better.... Indianapolis!!!!! Um thats where I am from too :) So I am excited to share this amazing shop Spice of Life Designs and her beautiful creations! Enjoy!

~What is the name of your etsy shop and how did it come about? My Etsy shop is called Spice of Life Designs - my name is Megan, and growing up my mom called me Nutmeg. I was looking for a shop name that would cover everything I was making at the time - and the phrase 'variety is the spice of life' kept running through my head... when I first started out I named everything after something food or kitchen related - that seems so cheesy now. :)

Natural Quartz Rock Crystal Earrings Sterling Silver

~Tell me about yourself! Anything! My favorite drink at Starbucks is the Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte, I have three kids, they are all unschooled here at home and my life is pretty much messy and chaotic all the time.

~What do you sell on Etsy? How long have you been making it? I currently sell modern, eco friendly jewelry handforged in recycled sterling silver with natural mineral and gemstone accents. Opening my shop was a New Year's resolution in 2008 - but I didn't get the nerve to list anything until almost April. My early shop included strung gemstone jewelry, photography, and hand sewn bags. We do a lot of running around and lugging the sewing machine seemed, well, impractical.... so I settled on developing my skills as a jewelry artisan. First adding in wire wrapping and expanding to include metalsmithing in the last year or so.

~What are your hobbies? Does sleep count as a hobby? If not - it should! I feel super blessed to say that one of my hobbies helps support my family. I also love photography, when it gets cold I pretend to knit, and my waistline or lack thereof attests to the fact that I'm no stranger to whipping up a killer dessert...

~You can find SPice of Life Designs on:

My website - (which currently forwards to my Etsy shop, but will become a stand alone site at some point...)

Mailing List for monthly news, special offers, show updates and coupon codes -

Grunged Medium Teardrop Recycled Silver Post Earrings

~What goals do you have for yourself in the future? I'm constantly looking to improve my skill repertoire - and want to play with enamels and glass in my jewelry. I'd love to get to a point where my business is strong enough to support our family and my husband can stay home and manage the business side of things while I do what I love most - create! I'm looking to add more regional art fairs to my calendar and would love to get to the point where we are 'gypsies' for at least part of the year, traveling the country from art show to art show - taking time to explore along the way.

Custom Heart Family Tree Mother's Necklace As seen on IndyStyle tv