Sunday, February 21, 2010

He is finally here!!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that Maxwell Carter Keys joined us on February 16th weighing in at 7 pounds 3 ounces, 21 inches long! He is just a little guy!! He is absolutely perfect in every way, and Ijust look at him and he makes everything okay! Working on the whole breastfeeding thing, not so easy, and I dont know if I can do it much longer. So.....I leave you with a couple of pictures of the beautiful baby boy!

Me with my babies!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Inspiration-Vote!

In honor of Valentines Day here are the fun FemmePetal Flickr finds for the week! All dressed up in pink and red. Make sure and cast your vote for your favorite item, the item that gets the most votes gets a full shop write up on my blog! Enjoy and hope you are spending your day with LOVE!

Pearly Pink Rose Blossom Necklace by Yeah Hello Etsy

Sugar Pink Valentine's Day Scottie Dog Heart Wall Hanging by Sugar Pink Boutique

Love Story Scrub by Sugar Sugar Scrub

Colors of Love Card by lespetitescouleurs

Peach Rose by For You Designs

Please make sure and comment on your favorite!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Etsy Crushing

I am going to share with you some beautiful items that I plan on purchasing in the near future! I plan on jazzing up my bedroom and living room with some fun items I have found on etsy! Enjoy!

This beautiful decal will go perfect in either room, havent decided yet which room. But I love it and will be purchasing very soon! Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal - New Style Chandelier With Birds by Pop Wall

I love this print and it will look FABULOUS in my bedroom! Is this love 8 X 12 Print by Lori411

How cute will this frame be with my new baby Maxwell in it??? Love this! Shabby Chic Rosebud Frame by Rosebud Lips

This will actually look so pretty in my "Romance Room" aka front room Love it! Shabby CHic Romantic Paper topiary Tree by Mom and Me Unique Boutique

And these adorable poms that you can hang from the ceiling!! I love these and think they would look great in my bedroom, I am going to custumize the colors to blues and browns but you get the point! Paper Poms by Pom Love

Now, dont you want to do a little home decor shopping for yourself???? Decorating is seriously one of my favorite things, maybe one of these days I will go back to school for just that!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

FemmePetal FInds winner is.....

Congrats to our very first winner in the Flickr Group FemmePetal Finds!!!!! Antique Basket lady is out FABULOUS winner! She is the designer and creator of the beautiful market tote that everyone was just crazy about!!! She has a shop full of wonderful handmade goodies and I am going to share with you my favorites!!! I hope you enjoy them and be sure and check out her shop!

Wrislet Zipper Pouch in Sandpipers $10.99

Snap coin purse Funky Daisy $14.99

Everyday Tote/Market Bag in To be Free $38.00

Eyeglass case in Explore Paris $10.25

Stay tuned for our next contest!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Maxwell Update

So the superbowl didnt go as planned and the colts lost....I almost made it through the end of the game...but I was having horrible back pain and contractions. So at the hospitol they hook me up to the monitors, and my contractions are nice and long at 8 minutes apart.....UGH 8 Minutes??? Sure felt a lot closer than that. :) But I am dialated to 3, so cant you just keep and have me walk for like 5 hours???? Nope....sent me home with an ambien and told me to come back when they are 5 minutes apart.
So today was my 38 week check and I am dialated a little past 3 but not quite 4. She said she doesnt think she will see me back next week for my next appt. AND today contractions have been pretty consistent at 6 to 7 minutes apart. SO Getting very close to meeting my new love!!! I cannot wait to meet you Maxwell Carter Keys! You are a miracle!!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cast a Vote!

So I had a genius idea! I started a group on Flickr called FemmePetal Finds and I am going to start having a weekly contest with the pictures that are uploaded into the group pool. If you are on flickr, please join in on the fun! So here is the first contest!
Please pick which item is your favorite from the following 5 and just post a comment letting me know which is your fave and why. The person who gets the most votes with be featured on my blog!!! A full feature that is! So here are the first 5 that I chose from the group pool.

Sweet Shabby Pink Valentine's Day Gift Tags by Sugar Pink Boutique

Daisy Cloche by Tissage

Black and Clear Danglies by ljlh Designs

Everyday Market Tote Bird on a Branch by Antique Basket Lady

Valentines Day Inspirations Photo Frame by My Inner Princess

Gooooo Colts!!!!!! Dat's Who!!!

Who's excited for the superbowl tonight??? I AM!!!
Born and raised in good ol Indianapolis, Indiana....I a of coarse a Colts fan! It is so exciting to see them going to the superbowl again!!!!
So who are you rooting for? What do you think the score will be? I am guessing the colts will in it by 10! But what do I know!
Just a short, quick post to rep my city!!!!!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Patterned Mind

Thank you to everyone who voted in the Spring Picks contest! THe winner is My Patterened Mind on ETSY!!!! And let me tell you how IN LOVE with this shop I am! Oh and that is not EVEN the best part.......she is having a HUGE blowout sale with tons of items marked at 50% off!!!!! I am totally serious and I already know which clutch I am purchasing!!!! Here is a small preview of what this store is packed full of!!

Midnight and Ivory Zebra Print Luxurious Clutch- Lined in Silk ONLY $30.00!!!

Pink Silk Clutch with Pink Chrysanthemum Blossom - Lined in Silk ONLY $35.00!!!

Sepia Silk Clutch with Cream Blossom ONLY $35.00!!!

Layered Rings on Teal- Small Frame Purse/ Lipstick Case/ Coin Purse $17.00

So now my question to you is....which one are you buying???

Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is your Spring favorite????

So as I sit day after day on bedrest and look out my window to the dreary outdoors, I seriously LONG for Spring! It is my most favorite time of year! So I went browsing on ETSY for some super Fab finds for my readers to vote on! This is how its going to work....
Take a look at the wonderful goodies I have found, pick your favorite and all you have to do is leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite pick.
What does the winner get?
They will get a full feature on my blog!
So please leave a comment!!!
Here are the fab finds in question:

Number 1 - The Cupcake Headband by Mandizzle

Number 2 - Set of four fine art photography prints by KristyBee

Number 3 - Frosted teal silk clutch by MyPatternedMind

Number 4 - Angels Song Big Star Bib Necklace by Miss Ruby Sue

Number 5 - Crepe Ruffle Organic Tank by Hende