Friday, July 29, 2011

Almost a week?!?!?!

Has it seriously been almost a week since I have posted a blog post??? Wow. I guess time slipped me.....Been pretty busy!!! This week just FLEW by! Nothing extremely out of the ordinary has gone on this week, except my awesome boss bought me and her tickets to go see Chris Young this Thursday at the Blue Bird Lounge in Bloomington! If you havent heard his song "Tomorrow" then you should def you tube it! It is probably the hottest, sexiest song I have heard in awhile and I am so excited to see him in concert! I am a "newbie" when it comes to country music. I still dont LOVE it, but I listen to it quite often now. When the only radio station you get at work is country and you hear it all day everyday, it does grow on you! So I am soooo looking forward to this show Thursday! PLUS it starts my 12 day vacation from job number 1! Cant wait!

AND Since I didnt post a Wordless Wednesday, and I know my readers love my wordless wednesdays, I will post some pics of the one I had planned on posting, Which is BACK IN THE DAY WHEN I WAS YOUNG, IM NOT A KID ANYMORE< BUT SOMEDAYS I SIT AND WISH I WAS A KID AGAIN............ ENJOY!

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Source: via Erin on Pinterest

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Justin Timberlake movie-a-thon weekend!

I just love everything about Justin Timberlake, EVERYTHING! His musical talents, his acting talents and his....uh.....gorgeous-ness! Oh the things I would do to him!......Anyways, this weekend I went to the drive in and saw Friends with Benefits starring none other than mister fab himself Justin Timberlake, and Mila Kunis, who is probably the prettiest actress I could name. The two were absolutley amazing together on screen. The movie was hilarious and lets just say Jamie (Mila) and I are pretty much the same person when it comes to men! If you have not seen this movie I wont spoil it, but it is DEF worth the watch! PLUS you get to see JT naked! That in itself is worth it to me!
Movie number 2 was Bad Teacher starring Justin again and Cameron Diaz. I dont think it was near as good as the Friends with Benefits. Justins character was a big geeky teacher and just didnt suit him to me. Cameron DIaz plays a money hungry teacher who care NOTHING about her students and all she after is getting a boob job. It was ok, but I would say wait til it comes to red box myself.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been drooling over the feather craze, and I think Indiana is probably one of the LAST states to fall smitten for feathers, so I have been hunting around for awhile trying to decide just what I wanted before I did it. My boss went and got her hair done today and came back with feathers, and I threw such a fit, she let me leave early to go get my own!!!! She is the best! Anyways, I am not done.....not near done! I took the last feathers she had, but we ordered about 30 more and I am putting them ALL in my hair! I want some crazy hair!!!! (as if its not craazy enough being so long that it nearly reaches my butt! Anyways, here is a picture of just a START of what my hair will look like! I also plan on dip dying the ends pink, purple, and blue! Hey, why not! You only live once! Rock a crazy hairstyle, it might make you feel sexy!

Not the best picture ever, but it will do! :)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obsession? I think so!

I am pretty much obsessed with BOWS! Seriously.......if I can find a way to get a bow on something, Im gonna put a bow on it! I am a girly girl to the max, and love anything that is feminine and romantic, and what is more romantic than a pretty little bow? Exactly! Nothing! You can put bows on just about anything, and you can see that in my pics below! I always try to find a way to incorporate a bow in my jewelry designs as well. They are just so me. If you love bows then you too will love what I am about to share. So go ahead and sport the bows and be BOWTASTIC! :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

Something New

I have decided to make something a little different for me in my ETSY shop! Bangles are so hot right now, and these that I am making will be perfect to layer with other bangles that you already own. This is my first set but I think they are pretty cute. I would love your input! I will be working on several other sets this week, and hopefully get them added soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Good times!

Quick post of pics from my birthday night....had a blast! What I have learned is that I am toooo old to stay out til 4am!!!!! I dont go out often, but when I do it takes awhile for me to recover!!! But last night was well worth it!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well offically my Birthday is tomorrow! I have the best birth date ever, 7-9-79 Yep, Im a cancer! I will be super busy tomorrow packing more at my old house, then my Birthday tradition, dinner at my FAVORITE Italian resteraunt, Augustinos. THis will be year 4 for dinner there on my Birthday. Best. Food. Ever! Then followed by a night out with lots of my amazing friends! So you see, I will be a busy girl tomorrow! Here are some pics of things I LOVE! :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dental Phobia?!?!?!?!?!

One would think that 2 years in dental assisting school, and 5 years working as a dental assistant, that I would be totally cool with getting in that chair and having work done.....Right??? WRONG! I am the absolute WORST patient EVER! About 5 years ago I got my first cavity.....EVER. AND it wasnt even just was 6!!!!!!!!!!!!HOLY SHIT. Did I get them fixed? Ummm nope. They have been there for 5 years because I am a big chicken. But that changed recently. Summer is our slower time of the year so about a month ago we had some patients cancel, so they FORCED me in the chair to take care of some of the cavities. I was a wreck, I thought I was going to pass out and all. I got hooked up to the gas (nitrous) and sat there shaking like a leaf the whole time. Its not that I am scared of the shot or the drill, I just dont like people all up in my space like that! I guess I am clausterphobic when it comes to my mouth. So anyways, yesterday they forced me back in the chair to have the rest done and now I am PROUDLY cavity free! Haha. I love my job, really I do, but I am much better on the other side of the chair............

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What a weekend!

Wow! Busy busy weekend for me! A couple weeks ago I got the dreaded notice that I had to be out of my house, so in a PANIC I went hunting for homes. (no way was I going to move into an apartment or back in with my mother! I am a very independant person and I love my PRIVACY!!!!) So, with that said, I had just a couple weeks to find a home that suited me and my budget, and in the same area where I currently live. I didnt want my children to have to change schools. Well I found one! and I snagged it the DAY it went on the market! I cannot wait to get it just how I want it! I hired movers to move me this weekend so I have been busy painting all weekend. My old home all the colors were more dark and blah, I picked ALL light, airy colors this time! AND my! I cannot wait to post pics and share once I get it done and decorated to my liking. But here is my living room which is all finished being painted, I just havent hung anything on the walls yet. I did add a decal above my couch of a pretty chandelier! So enjoy the pics, there will be more to come! :) Happy 4th of July!!!