Saturday, February 13, 2010

Etsy Crushing

I am going to share with you some beautiful items that I plan on purchasing in the near future! I plan on jazzing up my bedroom and living room with some fun items I have found on etsy! Enjoy!

This beautiful decal will go perfect in either room, havent decided yet which room. But I love it and will be purchasing very soon! Vinyl Wall Sticker Decal - New Style Chandelier With Birds by Pop Wall

I love this print and it will look FABULOUS in my bedroom! Is this love 8 X 12 Print by Lori411

How cute will this frame be with my new baby Maxwell in it??? Love this! Shabby Chic Rosebud Frame by Rosebud Lips

This will actually look so pretty in my "Romance Room" aka front room Love it! Shabby CHic Romantic Paper topiary Tree by Mom and Me Unique Boutique

And these adorable poms that you can hang from the ceiling!! I love these and think they would look great in my bedroom, I am going to custumize the colors to blues and browns but you get the point! Paper Poms by Pom Love

Now, dont you want to do a little home decor shopping for yourself???? Decorating is seriously one of my favorite things, maybe one of these days I will go back to school for just that!


Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

I love the topiary!

artangel said...

Gorgeous finds, you have a great eye!

Anonymous said...

ooh, love all these beautiful things! the hardest part of vinyl wall decals is only picking one from the hundreds (thousands, probably) of gorgeous ones on Etsy.

Erin Keys said...

So I have already ordered my pom poms, and the This is love 8 X 12 print!!! YAY!!! Cannot wait to get them!

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