Saturday, March 6, 2010

Flickr FInds!

Come and cast your vote on these fabulous finds! All you have to do is leave a comment to let me know which is your favorite! The winner gets a full shop write up! Have fun!!!

1. Fair Isle Bag - hand knitted, 2. Móbile de faixas para Alisan, 3. Pop Star Crack Earrings, 4. CHERRY RUBY GARNET BIG ROSE BLOSSOM FLOWER BROOCH , please vote and comment for me, 5. Pansy Flower Button Necklace, 6. Grape Purple Mum Flower Adjustable Ring


Missie Krissie said...

I love the baby mobile! It's just adorable!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the baby mobile. It's such a cute gift !
but I also really like the others too ;)

Rosebud Beads said...


Jamie-Lynn said...

ooo I like the Pansy flower button necklace, too cute!

ayatasarim said...

what a lovely surprise dear Erin:) thank you so much I am happy to be here with my flower brooch

SpiceofLifeDesigns said...
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SpiceofLifeDesigns said...

My favorite is the Rose Blossom Brooch... but the color is fab for them all!

wellintentioned said...

# 6 !!

(p.s. that carrie necklace is beautiful!)


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