Thursday, March 31, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge!

I decided to take my kids to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio this Spring Break. All 3 of myself. It was an awesome place, however the next time we go....the baby is staying home! I couldnt do anything with my 2 older ones because Max was attached to my hip like a baby Koala bear. Seriously I think he's imprinted on my side. There was so much to do! Hannah and Doc played a dragon slayer game that takes about 3-5 hours and is a scavenger hunt throughout the entire hotel! It was really cool, but they didnt get to finish it due to me having to take care of the boo butt max. All in all I think they had a good time and we cant wait to go back in the summer and also hit Kings Island.

The Water Coaster Doc made me ride at 10 am before I had my coffee! It scared the crap outta him!!! hahaha

My toogie!

Hannah Bear and Maxalicious

This pretty much sums up what happened if he wasnt in my arms

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