Thursday, April 28, 2011

Closing up shop.......

Just a note that I will be closing my ETSY shop in order to finish all orders and prepare for my photo shoot next week! I am SUPER excited for this! I will be introducing lots of new jewels, and even a few new colors in my ever so poular Carrie Necklace!!!!! I am bursting at the seams .......really, Im that excited!!! Ive ordered a TON of new supplies and I cannot wait to be able to sit down and let my creative mind go!!!! STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!


Gia said...

Hurry up already, will ya?!! LOL, no seriously I'm ready to see the images from your Session, & the new designs & it's just all so EXCITING!!! Definitely can't wait to get my order...the most exciting part of all, lol!!!

Have fun & enjoy!

Erin Keys said...

Thanks Gia! Your order will be in the mail this week!!!! YAY!!!!!

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