Saturday, August 13, 2011

I have to pay for my kids to ride the bus....

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Yes, you read that right. I have to pay $55.00 a month per kid JUST so they can go to school. First of all let me tell you how good Franklin Township School Systems use to be.

I live in a very nice community on the South East side of Indianapolis, Indiana.....its called Franklin Township. The school system use to be ridiculously good. I graduated from Franklin Central in 1998 and this is the school that my kids will be graduating from as well. We also pay the highest taxes in all communities in and surrounding Indianapolis. So why are we being charged for our children to ride the bus? Well one reason is they built a giant football stadium bigger than most college football stadiums that cost over 4 million. That was what started the debt. Also, there are no businessed in frnaklin township, its all residental, and schools.....lots of schools. When I attended FC there were 4 or 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, and 1 high school. Now there are 7 or 8 elementary scchools, 2 intermediate school for 5th and 6th grade, 2 middle schools, 1 freshman accademy, and a high school. Ridiculous. Well as of this year they have closed a middle school, and 2 elementary schools (one of which my son attended) because they cant afford to pay all the teachers. ALso, they no longer provide transportation to and from school for our children.. The super intendant of FC (who is also on the busing board, which seems to me to be a conflict of interest) sold all of our busses to a transportation company for 1.00, yes a DOLLAR. So now in order for our kids to get to school we either have to pay 55.00 a month per kid, or drive them ourselves. NOW, me being a single mother of 3 kids and working a full time job PLUS a part time job....well that just isnt going to happen. Luckily the first 3 days of school I was on vacation from my full time job so I was able to take them.....and let me just say that it took 4 hours each day total. STUPID!!! I had a long talk with my don Doc's dad about me possibly switching schools and we both agreed that it just wouldnt be a good idea with everything he has already been through in the last year and half. So my kids will stay in this twisted school system and I will pay for the buses.

But my question is what do the moms do that dont have the money to pay for buses? Because there is no reduced rate for low income families. So do their kids just not go to school? If I didnt have the most awesome grandma to help me out there is no way I could afford to pay 250.00 (that is the price for 2 kids for 2 months which is the minimum you have to pay) In the end, my kids will go to school, and all will be ok. But this is flat out STUPID and I feel for all the families out there that cannot afford it. UGH!

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