Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Well I have had a SUPER busy weekend! I worked 60 hours last week (whew) so Friday night was very chill, movies and popcorn. The kids watched Rango, and the adults watched Limitless (very good movie by the way, I may try to create those clear little pills. I could sure use them!) Saturday my son had a football game and I didnt do much after but clean and make jewelry. Saturday night, started with beer and appetizers at The Oaken Barrell then we met a couple of my friends at That place in Greenwood. (um I hate that damn bar, but we had fun) Sunday me and the kids spent most of the day at Chucke Cheese, yes I said Chucke Cheese.......I needed a xanax after that. I know why my kids have only been there 1 time EVER. I didnt volunteer to take them, we had a birthday party for my best friends daughter. They had fun,, so whatev. Came home and cleaned my butt off, got every last piece of laundry done, cleaned out my garage (its ALMOST ready to have a car in it!!!!!! YAY) and I got 3 bridal party orders made and several single orders. I am on a roll! So with that being said I am off to bed because again this week I am working 60 hours! Someone SHOOT ME!!! But I will be back tomorrow with my Etsy shop of the week feature, and let me tell you how excited I am about this one.. Hint- its a super cute childrens shop, and I mean her clothing is ADORBS!!!!!!! I have several things of hers in my "cart" for my stud maxwell. Sorry for the boring non picture post! I am not MIA, I swear, just working my BUTT off and being mommy! :)

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