Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spot Light Saturday ~ Etsy Shop Dolce Dreams

I am super excited about this spot light Saturday! I absolutely love everything about DolceDreams etsy shop, from the beautiful colors of silk fabric that wraps her lavender eye pillows, to the gorgeous vintage fabrics used in her amazing baby quilts and loveys. I could seriously buy everything! Seriously! I will be purchasing myself one of those gorgeous eye pillows very soon! Please enjoy this interview and be sure and check out her awesome etsy shop! You will be in heaven!
Lavender and Flaxseed Eye Pillow with Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams

~What is the name of your etsy shop and how did it come about?

I love Italy, and the language ~ "Dolce" means sweet in Italian...who doesn't wish for sweet dreams for their little angels?! My lavender sachets and eye pillows also have the same effect for adults. I cannot sleep without my eye pillow!
~Tell me about yourself...anything!

I love Europe, fine cuisine, wine, art, fashion, babies, and am learning to like football now that my boys are playing it!

Heirloom Baby Quilt with Custom Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams $135.00 

~What do you sell on etsy and how long have you been making it?

I always have enjoyed creating, and using my hands. I love color, and was a makeup artist in the fashion world. I sew, draw, craft, and sculpt in alabaster. With the birth of my sons, I left my high profile LA/Hollywood maitre'd job to raise them. I started sewing voraciously, making them unique high quality heirlooms that I couldn't find in stores. As I received compliments, I started making things as gifts, and then started getting orders...In 2007 I opened my shop on Etsy, and have been building my business ever since!

~What are your hobbies?

After hand making everything myself, and doing all of the Social Networking that comes with an online business, my main hobby is my family. I am teaching my boys how to sculpt right now, a real lesson in patience!

~Find Dolce Dreams Here
~DOlce Dreams Website
~Martha Stewart

Baby Girl Lovey with Custom Hand Embroidery by Dolce Dreams $26.00 

~What goals do you have for yourself in the future?

I am very close to my goal of 500 slaes on Etsy, half of which were made this year!

~What inspires your creations?
The touch and feel of high quality fabrics inspire me so much ~ I have a room filled with them, and not enough hours in the day to make all of the creations that fly into my head!

Thanks so much Nathalie! Good luck!!!

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