Sunday, March 27, 2011

Night out

Its been a little while since I have went out with my girls! Sooooo..... last night we made it happen! We went out for Sushi first, yes I tried Sushi!!!!! Ummmm my thoughts??? The raw fish sushi (I tried spicy tuna) I was not a fan.....but I loved the california rolls. My favorite was the crab meat and asparagus roll. I really gave a good show to the people sitting next to me! They were laughing sooo hard at me. Note to self, NEVER chew the little ginger slices! YUCK!!!! So after dinner, went out! It was a good night! Oh and I rewarded myself for all my hard work too! A new pair of true religion jeans!!!

Note the photo popper in the back! hahahah Rhonda, me, and Kelly

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