Monday, June 20, 2011

Lottie Dottie........

We likes ta I really am not going to sing a snoop song! I am however going to tell you about my FAVORITE boutique....Lottie Dottie! It is located on the South Side of Indy right across from Greenwood Park Mall. Everything about this boutique is plush, from the minute you walk in you are in shabby chic heaven! (for me that is the best heaven!) And the clothes! Oh the clothes! Everything is just perfect! She even has handmade baby items, and onsies! She also carries a varity of candles and body lotions that are to die for.....and my favorite .....Ambre oils! I am a huge fan of the brown one and actually own 2! The oils are made right here in Indy, on the north side! Support local!!! So im gonna share some pics of just a FEW of the amazing items you can find at Lottie DOttie! Fan them on facebook right here There are always killer discounts posted on FB!

The amazing Ambre oils!

This dress I am actually buying on Friday, and it will be what I wear on my birthday in a few weeks! WITH, my below amazing shoes!!!!

This shirt hopefully will belong to me as well! If they still have my size when I get there Friday!

Dont forget, if you are not in the area they do accept orders via online (fb), phone or through email! SO please do me a favor and check them out! You wont be sorry! :)

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