Saturday, July 16, 2011

Obsession? I think so!

I am pretty much obsessed with BOWS! Seriously.......if I can find a way to get a bow on something, Im gonna put a bow on it! I am a girly girl to the max, and love anything that is feminine and romantic, and what is more romantic than a pretty little bow? Exactly! Nothing! You can put bows on just about anything, and you can see that in my pics below! I always try to find a way to incorporate a bow in my jewelry designs as well. They are just so me. If you love bows then you too will love what I am about to share. So go ahead and sport the bows and be BOWTASTIC! :)


Charis said...

Gorgeous! Not really a bow girl myself but these are lovely x

Erin Keys said...

Thank you!!!! :) And thanks for following!

Gloria Nobles said...

I too am SUCH a bow girl....and I think I had a bow-gasm with all these amazing bows you posted!!! LOL!

erin keys said...

gloria!!!! That was hilarious!!!!! :)

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