Monday, July 18, 2011


I have been drooling over the feather craze, and I think Indiana is probably one of the LAST states to fall smitten for feathers, so I have been hunting around for awhile trying to decide just what I wanted before I did it. My boss went and got her hair done today and came back with feathers, and I threw such a fit, she let me leave early to go get my own!!!! She is the best! Anyways, I am not done.....not near done! I took the last feathers she had, but we ordered about 30 more and I am putting them ALL in my hair! I want some crazy hair!!!! (as if its not craazy enough being so long that it nearly reaches my butt! Anyways, here is a picture of just a START of what my hair will look like! I also plan on dip dying the ends pink, purple, and blue! Hey, why not! You only live once! Rock a crazy hairstyle, it might make you feel sexy!

Not the best picture ever, but it will do! :)

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