Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random things that make me happy

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Kid rock always puts me in a good mood. I love his old hardcore rock/rap stuff best, and word on the street is .....his next album will be just that! No more country! Looking forward to seeing if this is true!

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I am so happy that wild and crazy hair is ok to do, and not just for punk rockers anymore! I am anything but a plain jane hair kinda gal. I have always changed my haircolor frequently and what better way to do that than to mix in some bright colors that,even though they say permanent, wash out in a few weeks! I currently have purple in my hair and have an appointment next week to get more purple and hot pink! I love my hair!
This needs no explanation what so ever! Im obsessed with bows, pink, ruffles, frilly, anything girly~
Hydrangea......the worlds most gorgeous flower! They are simple, and just elegant! I have had several hydrangea bushes but to n avail......they die. Maybe its just me and Im not doing something right. But it would sure be nice to walk out my door in the summer and see this beauty!

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Yes I am a huge Britney fan! ALways have been...since hit me baby one more time! And yes, I still wish her and JT would just freaking hook back up, have 7 babies, and get married already!!!!!!
I am in love with this city! Everything about it. I would absolutley live there if I did not have kids. The whole city mezmorizes me. There are lots of fun memories in this city! And many more to come!

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Flowerbomb. The most sensual, exotic smelling perfume ever. I cant live without it. I have been wearing it for years. It is my signature scent!
My new comforter!!! I ordered this cute comforter in grey, for my pink and grey bedroom! It is going to be so cute I cannot wait to get it on my bed!

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